Tito’s diary This week

Bayo Ajibola

My first trouble started with the fact that he loves to eat like every second. He wants to munch. Tadese loves food like life itself. Tadese is someone I know loves to eat mountain heaped food and also feed on junks. I for one love to cook once and be out of the kitchen.

My husband so much believes in the fact that we should buy our household needs little by little, from one cup of rice to one tin of sugar. I came from a home where we buy in bulk. So there’s always trouble when I buy house stuff in bulk. He will rant and rake and let all hell loose.

My beloved is not the type to play and dance with kids, I love kids so much like my life depends on them. My dear Tadese is one to jubilate when it is uncalled for, I am more of introvert and unsocial type.

Worlds apart right? Well, that’s who we are.

When we talk about sex it is like speaking German to an illiterate Yoruba child. Only if you will allow me make love to you in the midnight, oh no! I prefer sex early morning hours. Hell no! I am a sex lover when you don’t walk around naked. This and many more are the excuses I get from Tadese.

I was emotionally, physically, financially and psychologically abused. Episodes were unfolding without any word from me to anyone. Inside I am burning like a coal on heat but outside I am the bubbles in a fizzy drink.

Mine is a story of never judge a book by its cover…

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