Toke Makinwa Now Dating AA Oil Billionaire, Aliyu Abubakar After Dumping Festus Fadeyi

Toke was known for dating rich oil Mogul, Festus Fadeyi who was in his 70s but has now dumped her benefactor for another oil mogul from Kogi state, Alhaji Aliyu Abubakar, Chariman of AA Oil.

It was learnt that the since after that her celebrated disastrous union to that her bald headed, ebony skinned, well muscled and quite well endowed beau went kaput, it’s like she had made up her mind, never to be held in bondage by no man no more and to go all out every which she can, to make it. Her means to be a resounding success is by any means necessary, so nothing is like off limit for her. Including playing with the hearts of the men of means and caliber.


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