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Today, most couples in society opt for a divorce and hence the divorce rates in the west are of an alarmingly high rate. Divorce should be the least option for any couple to go through. It does not only signify the breaking up of a relationship between two couples but sometimes have adverse effects on their children as well.  The fact that one of them has to sacrifice their issue to be left in the custody of the other becomes unbearable for the child as well.  Thus before opting for divorce there should be a phase of contemplation and during this phase if required professional counselling should be taken up.

Most importantly it is the will of the couple and the individual to stay in the relationship and give it another chance that would help in saving the relationship. Some of the tips that can be tried out are discussed below.

  • It is important to know what your priorities are. For both men and women who work outside of home, they should be able to balance household work as well as their professional lives. Balancing is the trick that every married couple must learn in the process of living their married and professional lies.


  • The other name of marriage is probably compromise. This compromise or adjustment cannot be from one end only. Both the people in the relationship have to let go some of their former lifestyles and habits and adjust according to the necessities of the married life. This is an unspoken rule existing between any married couple and should be respected and followed by all couples.


  • Frustrations and stress gives rise to irritation and anger. This in turn leads to mood swings, quarrels, tantrums and the like. Thus it is important to identify what exactly makes you angry or gives you immense stress. Depending on that you should opt for methods to relax you. So that your frustrations does not find reflection in your behaviours towards your partner.


  • Saying sorry to your partner does not make you big or small. It in facts makes you more transparent and honest in frontof your partner. Thus, whenever you have made a mistake and have realised it , you should be in a mental state to accept it and say sorry to your partner. A little word can change a lot of misunderstandings between you and your partner.


  • No matter how busy you are in your workplace, it should not be that you forget your partner and do not spend any time with them. Even going for a simple walk once a week can make you spend some great time with your partner.


  • You must be patient with your partner and most importantly listen to them. Listening helps in clearing a lot of misunderstandings between couples.


  • Support your partner in whichever endeavours he/she wants to enrol in.
  • Love your partner. The moment the love is gone from your hearts no relationship can be saved.

Thus, if you try these few tricks then you might be able to save a dying relationship.

Bayo Ajibola

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