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    Bayo AjibolaBayo Ajibola

    We have been inundated by the hues and cries of a top On Air Personality who has finally decided to come out of his closet to disclose how his wife had been physically abusing him. He posted some photos on his Twitter handle showing his bloodied and battered face as proof.

    While some have had sympathy for him, many, especially the female folks believe he should just keep quiet and be a man.

    There are those who think it is weakness on his part and a lack of male courage to handle his home while some still think he is lying. This school of thought think women are too meek to abuse a man physically.

    But then, domestic abuse does not have to be physical alone as there are other forms of abuse including emotionally and psychologically.

    So today this poser was up for a vote: Do men actually get abused by their wives?

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