Good day naijaparent! I need your advise on what to do please..

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    Good day naijaparent! I need your advise on what to do please… I got married not quite long,and I still have a year to complete my education but my husband insisted that he is ready cos he has waited for me long.. So we did the normal preparation… Mind you! My Husband is a salary earner, he earn less than 50k per month and he is into cooperative ..that is..he saves 20k very month..pays house rent every year and so on,has a lot of blood brothers and sisters but he hustle on his own.. I also HV wat am during also and brings in money! But ever since ve conceive, ve not been able to continue with my handwork,my husband ask me to stop all because I once had an miscarriage before I later conceived… The problem now is.. My husband use to send money to his mother before he met with me but not every month, after d wedding, I told him to start making it constant in every month so that she won’t feel am d one blocking her son not to send her money… After a while! Things begin to work fine,and I told him it would be nice if he can increase d money he alwz send to his MUM and he agreed! Mind u, I don’t send to my own mum.. Few month later, my husband lost his elder brother, the family suggested to start making contribution every month for der elder brother wife.. None of them yield to it..xpect my husband ,one of his elder brother and a elder sister! Their plan was to b giving der mum her own share very month, and d rest to der borther’s wife.. It was later MIL phone my husband and tel him to start sending her own money separately DAT is not every time she recive money from d contribution bin made.. Then hubby start to do DAT! And also keep doing d contribution.. It was last 2month His elder brother’s wife called and my husband notice all d contribution for the past 1year has not bin given to d widow woman! D woman suggested she shld open her personal acct and from DAT day,husband also start sending her money too Now! Things have bin so hard! We hardly eat 3times a day! Attyms my mum will send us foods and sum goodies.. So as at last month,husband decide to decrease d amount of money he send to his mum to d previous amount, d next thing MIL said was.. He shouldn’t decrease the money at all..she start complaining.. As am talking to u now! In fact! Everything has affected my own education now! Am unable to forward my education.. And I my father is not ready to sponsor me any longer,altho! We are not that closed! he kips telling me indirectly that am now married, my husband shld b able to pay my fees… Pls what can I do, I CNT work now cos am heavy! Am missing this semester in school now, yet! MIL keeps complaining of not decreasing her money, elder brother wife keeps calling very month! One of his elder brother too keep calling him for monthly contribution.. Should I say am at fault for telling my Husband to increase his mum monthly income? Accepted! But what is the solution now? will soon give birth, all the family will want to come, we don’t even know what to prepare during the naming ceremony, cos der is no sufficient money,and am sure all his elder brothers and sisters are not ready to drop a pin.. They did the same during our wedding, they keep complaining dey don’t HV money and i don’t want to offend anyone..
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