My husband does not know our 3 children do not belong to him, what do i do?

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    My name is Maureen, a 43-year-old married woman with three children. I have been married to Dotun for 19 years now and I have been carrying this secret for many years and my guilt is now tearing me apart.
    I was 24-years-old when we got married but after six years and I was not able to get pregnant, I became worried and wondered if anything was wrong with me.
    Initially, Dotun did not show his concern outwardly as he kept comforting me whenever he found me crying and was always telling me to have faith in God as He would give us children at the right time.
    But when his family began putting pressure on me to give them children, I knew it was just a matter of time before he changed and that did not take long as Dotun too began insinuating that the problem could be from me.
    Before then, I had gone for tests in several hospitals and the results all showed there was nothing wrong with me. I also told Dotun to go for medical tests but he bluntly refused but bet saying h was okay and capable of impregnating me.
    But try as we could, I could not get pregnant and with his family on my neck, a friend suggested I get pregnant by all means so that I would not be sent packing from my home. Her suggestion included getting another man to impregnate me.
    At first, I refused to go that route but when the pressure was so much and there were plans for Dotun to get married to another woman, I decided to give in to my friend’s suggestion and began a secret affair.
    It was not a surprise that two months after, I became pregnant and suddenly, Dotun changed and became the man I met and got married to. He went about telling everyone he was going to be a father finally.
    He treated me like a queen and would not let me do anything around the house, saying he did not want anything to happen to his baby.
    I gave birth to a baby boy and Dotun dotted on him so much and was never tired of telling people about his prince. I was not to have another baby till three years later and I was also impregnated by another man because it was now clear that my husband had a problem impregnating a woman.
    But now that I have become a born again Christian, I am full of guilt letting Dotun believe the three children are his.
    I have debated with my conscience so much and while my spirit tells me to confess to my husband that the kids are not his, my mind tells me to let sleeping dogs lie.
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    Prince job ojile

    I think you should tell him and face whatever consequences may come out. God will definitely pull a surprise one for you.

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