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    Dear Naijaparents,

    I have a very serious problem that I want your readers to advise me on. My name is Theresa and I am a widow, having lost my husband about three years ago, after a year of marriage.

    When Peter was alive, we were so much in love and there was hardly anything one of us did without the other knowing about. We had a very close bond and we were just settling down into our marriage when he lost his life in a ghastly motor accident.

    I almost killed myself with grief but after a while, it dawned on me that he has gone forever and after mourning for three years, I decided to live my life and move on.

    I got a new job and after a lot of counselling, I decided to try out a new relationship but my late husband will not let me be. He keeps disturbing me, appearing to me even during the day, crying and begging me not to live him. He appears to me in the dream and has sex with me and when I wake up, I will see his semen in my private part.

    The first time I tried to have sex with my new man, Peter practically appeared and stood there begging me.

    For a fact, we did not swear to any oath but I am really worried why he has refused to let me be. I have gone to many spiritualists and men of God but it seems any effort at getting my late husband to let me live my life has been abortive.

    Is there anyone with a solution to my problems?

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