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    Good morning Admin, My hubby is really wicked to me. On Sunday morning around 5am I was rushed down to the hospital because of stomach pain, dizziness, headache, although I was pregnant and also have a daughter of 17 months old, my older daughter mistakenly kicked me at midnight cos she was coughing and I was trying to guide her from falling off the bed,and hubby was sleeping in the parlour, I cried, cried and cried, and also scream but he didn’t shake his body, I called his number he didn’t picked it because I was so weak and couldn’t move from the bedroom to the sitting room,beside we had some issues before that’s not been settled, I had to flash and later text my neighbor to come and take me to hospital once it’s morning , to cut the long story short,we came back from hospital and hubby elder sister and my mom said either one of them should take my daughter with them so that I can use my drugs and relax very well but he said no,and he’s the type that doesn’t stay much at home,once he’s out in the morning is till evening….Please help me out,how can I come with her ,and my health status now?Not just happy.Please I need your advise!

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