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    Bayo AjibolaBayo Ajibola

    Dear Naijaparents,

    Wonders they say shall never end, this pastor is holding a barren woman to ransom, telling her he is the only one that can get her pregnant.

    My name is Gloria and I have been married for eight years without a fruit of the womb, something that has placed my husband’s family at war path with me.

    When I got married to my husband, Jonathan, who is an only child, we were the perfect match and we had hoped to have a house filled with children but after the first two years and I had not gotten pregnant, I became apprehensive but Jonathan told me not to worry, that the children will come at the right time.

    But tried as much as we did, the story became the same and by the fourth year, I knew I was in trouble especially with his parents going overboard with the demand for grandchildren.

    I panicked and started going from pillar to post all in a bid to get a child. I did several tests and doctors kept assuring me that everything was fine with me and that I just had to stop worrying about the situation.

    From orthodox medicine, I started visiting churches, spiritual homes and graduated to native doctors, all to no avail. Now, I am in my eighth year of marriage and my parents-in-law are brimming with fire.

    They have given me an ultimatum to either give them a grandchild this year or I would have to leave their son’s home so he can get a woman who would do what I could not do.

    But there seem to be a glimmer of hope in a spiritualist a friend introduced me to. The man has told me that I am going to have my own child this year but that he will be the man to impregnate me.

    My friend has urged me to go ahead and sleep with the man so as to have the child but I am scared about what lis in the future.

    What should I do about this dilemma?


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