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    “Dear Naijaparents,,
    As I am writing this, I am full of sorrow and I would beg your fans to give me some words of advice so that I would not do something I will live to regret in life.
    My name is Linda and I have been married for two years now but I have not known peace in my home. My husband, Ray, is an only child and his parents, especially his mother, dotes on him and even as a married man, she still sees him as her baby.
    We live in the family home and she has forbidden him from moving out or even to move into another of the family houses. She says she wants him nearby as she cannot trust any other woman to take proper care of him.

    If that was all, I would not bother but Mama is so meddlesome that at times I wonder what she actually wants from me. There is nothing I do that gets her approval.
    It is either that I cannot cook proper meals for her son, or I don’t know how to pet him when he is angry.
    She picks at everything I do, to the ridiculous extent of telling me she knows I am not good in bed for her son. She makes me feel so inadequate and has even hinted at getting a better woman for her son.

    To compound matters, my husband has also turned out to be an overgrown baby who feels his mother is the best thing to happen in his life. He wants me to get her permission to do anything, even going to the market.
    I am totally fed up and do not know how to tame this troublesome mother-in-law.

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    Go to God and tell him what u want, It’s prayers dat can help change d situation. I am married to an only child too and my MIL is also of dat nature,I ddnt discuss anything with anybody, I started praying,reminding God dat he is the one dat ordained marriage and dat he shud make my husband understand wat marriage is all abt,and make my love grow more in his very patient with her and ur husband(dnt ever insult her).God will definitely hear ur prayers like he did mine ijn.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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