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The joy of every parent is to raise a child that will make them proud. Besides, whatever a person will become in future is usually developed as a child. Though new age parents now leave their kids to the care of nannies and house-helps due to their busy schedules but it is not hard to notice the following qualities in any child destined for greatness:

1.      GIFTED: The parents of many of the famous and highly successful innovators and entrepreneurs in the world have testified that they have noticed these qualities in them when they were kids. As a parent, if your son is always trying to fix any of your household appliances, don’t stop him, maybe he is another Steve Jobs.

Besides, there is a global shortage of skilled and talented individuals. Maybe your kid may be a welcome addition to the team.

2.      HARDWORKING: Special kids are never lazy. They are always passionate about whatever they are asked to do or choose to do. These kids hardly complain and are always busy doing what they are told to do or the task they create for their selves. Besides, special kids hardly complain.

3.      CURIOUSITY: Special kids always ask their parents, teachers and guardians several questions. They are never tired of probing or questioning or prying. The fact is, they are nosy and desperate to learn new things.

4.      READ, WATCH AND LISTEN: Kids destined for greatness reads a lot. They are always looking for new and available information. These kids are more interested in informative and educative contents on newspapers, magazines and books. Besides, special kids watch educative programmes on TV and listen to informative rather than entertaining programmes on radio.

5.      OFTEN STUBBORN: Appearance may be deceptive. Many kids that their parents have picked and trained for greatness have turned out to become huge disappointments. While many rejected kids have become the most successful and famous people in the world. Often, these attitudes may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for parents who can tolerate them through patience with children with such character.

6.      LEADERSHIP: Special kids are very influential at home, in school and among their peers. It is not hard to notice the respect and admiration they command among their peer groups. Often, they lead while others follow.

7.      GOOD LISTENERS: Exceptional kids listen to their parents. They like to learn from people they consider are better than them and usually distance themselves from people that nothing to offer in terms of knowledge.

8.      FRIENDSHIP WITH LIKEMINDS: One of the secret to greatness is to work with people that are better than you. Special kids usually distance themselves from dullards and surround themselves with clever kids.

9.      SELF MOTIVATED: Exceptional kids are always on top or close to the top of their class. For them, failure is not anoption and do not need their parents to motivate them to succeed. These kids are always looking for new ideas and ways to stay on top of their class or game.

10.  CREATIVE: Exceptional kids are inventive or innovative. They are always looking for new ideas and are always ahead of their peers in terms of knowledge. These kids are always seeking answers to questions and are always up to something. Often, they believe in no harm in trying.

11.  PASSIONATE: Unique kids are always obsessed with whatever they do. They develop new idea and innovations and are always seeking for answers.

Every child is unique. It is the duty of every parent to help their children to develop their natural abilities for their own benefit and the society.


Bayo Ajibola

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