True Story: My Husband Has Suddenly Packed Out Of Our House.

Bayo Ajibola

I require your assistance. My name is Caroline, a 33-year-old woman, and I recently married my child’s father. Prior to our marriage, we had been dating for almost three years until I became pregnant. At the time, he expressed his unpreparedness for marriage, but we were content with our situation. However, on Valentine’s Day last year, he surprised me with an engagement, and we subsequently tied the knot in April. Our marriage had been smooth sailing until about four days ago.

It was during this time that I noticed a significant change in my husband’s behavior; he became unusually quiet. Despite my repeated inquiries, he assured me that he was fine, although he remained silent when asked about the cause of his silence. Sensing his irritation, I decided to give him some space. Two days ago, he unexpectedly called me and revealed that he no longer wished to continue our marriage. He claimed that marrying me was a mistake and that he had been unhappy for a while. He attempted to hide his true feelings, but ultimately realized that being married to me would never bring him happiness. In my confusion, I pleaded with him to explain why he was unhappy, but he remained silent. Overwhelmed with emotion, I burst into tears, but he showed no reaction and retired to the guest room, sleeping alone that night.

I cried myself to sleep, and when I awoke, he was gone, leaving behind a note instructing me to find an apartment. He assured me that he would cover the rent and provide monthly support for both me and our baby. Additionally, he informed me of his intention to file for divorce. Upon sharing this news with my family, they, too, expressed shock. They promised to contact him and inquire about the situation. However, I have been unable to find peace since then. I have turned to fasting and prayer, trying to comprehend the source of this sudden turmoil. Who is behind this attack? Who is attempting to take my husband away from me? Why would he abruptly end a previously peaceful and happy marriage?

Could there be another woman involved? Is he having an affair? I have never had any reason to suspect him of such behavior. He has always been a good man, a devoted husband, and a loving father. This situation is incredibly perplexing, and I desperately need your prayers and advice. I never coerced my husband into marrying me; even when I became pregnant, he expressed his unpreparedness for marriage, and I respected his stance. Now, he has willingly married me, so why does he suddenly desire a divorce?

Everyone keeps asking me what I did to provoke him, but the truth is, I did nothing at all. Since our marriage, I have never been disrespectful or unfaithful. This turn of events has shocked everyone. Some suggest that he is being manipulated, so I wonder who this mysterious person might be. How should I approach this situation? How can I prevent this individual from tearing my husband away from me and destroying my happiness? I feel like I’m losing my sanity. Please, I implore you, help me.

Bayo Ajibola

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