True Story: My Wife Belongs To Evil Cult ‘Elegbe Omo’. My Business Suffers After S3x With Her

Bayo Ajibola

Please men of the house I seriously need advice. Straight to the point, we’ve been married for 6 years now and I love her so so much, our compatibilities is 100%. We have a beautiful baby girl and we are still currently living together at the moment.
Since we married things has been extremely bad for us unlike before we married. Though I myself was down with sickness for years that almost took my life but God revived me and she stays with me. My business doesn’t require my presence (networking) because currently am still getting money but not much. let’s say 20k average which of course not much for the family.

Now here is my problem, from 3 or 4 different CONFIRMED sources we were told that my lack of money it’s from her that she belongs to a spiritual evil cult (Elegbe omo) that her own is spiritual rags group (egbe akitan, or alakisa) that whoever sleeps with them, their things will going down for them, finance wise and all. I hope I described it well tho and that even she herself is not aware but they do tell her severally. and she has been praying yet things keep getting worse for us.

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in fact sometimes ago a pastor saw a vision for her that whoever sees her physically putting on a good cloth that she’s beautiful but spiritually it is rags on her body. That she will Pray and fast for 3 days (deliverance) which she did yet things keeps getting worse for me in fact right now I am begging to feed.

When I realized this I stopped having s3x with her for months and my business really really improved.
Throughout last year I can count how many times we had s3x not up to 4 times and I did not cheat on her because I love her so much but for how long? It’s not easy to be on the same bed with your wife and not want to have it but anytime we have it we must suffer for it for months.
The loan sharks on my neck are up to 7. Am just collecting loan to pay another to avoid their embarrassment. One is even threatening my life now (LCredit) as I could not pay the overdue loan.- Advertisement –

My head is full with many thoughts. I love her and my baby which is just 2yrs. i want to succeed, I want my family. how long can we be staying without s3x? am so so worried. Though I was told it’s not her fault but what can I do because it has been affecting us for years now until now.

I don’t know if anyone had a similar experience to please share. I need help because I am seriously considering leaving her but I will take full responsibilities of my baby.- Advertisement –

I will be in comment section if case of any questions.

Thank y’all


Bayo Ajibola

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