Turbans with Ankara

Bayo Ajibola

Turbans have been around for a while but were for a long time confined to certain areas only. They are slowly coming back and now look trendy with Ankara outfits. Knowing the nature of Ankara there will already be a lot of activity on your fabric so you need to mix it up just right. The right turban will perk up that outfit and your face too and will definitely add character into the mix.

  1. Bring it together with a single bold color on the head wrap. This simple dress covers up everything that needs covering and works well for an easy day.

Turbans with Ankara 1

Image credit:toginafashion


2 Where all the colors are bright, pick the one that is less featured on the fabric. The peacock on this outfit looks glamorous! Look at how the turban is styled and the first thing that comes to mind is pizzazz! Turbans don’t always have to give you an ethnic look but they definitely make you look cultured.

Turbans with Ankara 2

Image credit:bolinto

3. Add a soft touch with a velvet turban. It brings out your softer side and looks great with a print that isn’t quite defined. This off-shoulder dress is classy and elegant for an evening out.

Turbans with Ankara 3


4. Think Ankara think African belle! You can use the same fabric on your outfit, especially if the colors aren’t too bright or too dull.

Turbans with Ankara 4

Image credit:theucheuju

5. When you want a little of everything try some Ankara with lace and crown it with a turban. Strut your queenly stuff!

Turbans with Ankara 5

Image credit:jumokeaji

Ankara remains a versatile fabric and there is lots to choose from. The perfect turban will dress it up or down and make you stand out in style. Turbans will definitely distract many but will not overpower your outfit. They fit well into the whole ensemble without disappearing or looking irrelevant. Take a chance with a few turbans.


Bayo Ajibola

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