Update On DHL Truck that Allegedly Killed LASU Student & Still Trying to Get Away With It

Bayo Ajibola


We receive a mail from Stanley’s family, guys. I hope you all remember that back in February, they had cried out for justice after their son, a final year student of Lagos State University student Stanley Ipogah was killed by a DHL truck that knocked him down.

According to family sources, Stanley was standing on his lane at Iba bus-stop along Iba-Igando expressway on January 28th when the tragic incident happened. They contacted DHL to report but were told by DHL that the truck didn’t belong to them.

There is an update now and the mail they sent in reads: (Graphic photo. Viewer’s discretion is advised)

Up till now, DHL and Excel  contract Logistics  Nig.ltd are still dilly dallying. They sent SCIB insurance brokers and Lead-way  insurance company to us who have not been forthcoming after series of meetings at the law firm of the lawyer handling the case, L.O. Ozimende & Co at No.48, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

We have submitted all the documents they requested for including that of the late Stanislus’s son. and no response from them yet. Up till now  DHL and EXCELL LOGISTICS have not shown up.

We have done the autopsy and taken the corpse home -Iviegbepui-Agenebode for burial on Friday 27/2/15 with so many of the student friends who showed support.

The criminal case is still in court at the OJO MAGISTRATE court. The DHL Truck is still in police custody at the order of the court and the driver in prison awaiting trial.

I attach here the charge sheet and petition sent to Panti already approved by the Deputy commissioner of police. The case comes up again at the magistrate court next week 18/3/15.

In the charge sheet the police surreptitiously omitted the fact that the truck that killed the deceased belonged to DHL which our lawyer pointed out in the court and was noted by the presiding magistrate.

The DHL and Excel contract logistics Nig ltd have failed, refused and neglected to take responsibility in this case by paying the burial expenses and/or compensation to the deceased family to take care of the 7 months old son..





Late Stanley after he was hit


Bayo Ajibola

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