US Based Nigerian Comedienne Helen Paul Explains ‘Why There Is ‘No Love In Marriage”

Helen Paul has shared her views while raining praises on her husband. 

Regardless of how beautiful the post looks, some Nigerians think it is fake and no one should be moved by it. 

According to Helen Paul,

“There is no love in marriage. Love is in people, and people put love in marriage.

You are my home @femi_bams You are so conscious and mindful of me.

I have never heard you call me Helen or mama Gbenro, but sweet names. (Sweetheart etc) Na me just spoil dey always call you with your name and children’s names. I can never let go of my ATM, but you let go of yours. Once in a while o… (Special guy) Lol I am really trying to be romantic, and my playful nature is not allowing me o… I love you sha. @femi_bams” – Helen Paul

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