US lady narrates how she attempted suicide many times after being dumped by a Nigerian man

A Twitter user has shared the sad of a Nigerian man who duped his US lover to get his residency papers.

@PreciousDeseo, said a woman in her support group reveals her ordeals with her ex Nigerian lover and how she’s tried surviving the ugly incident.

Tweet below;

“This US lady in my support group said she got anxiety disorder as a result of heartbreak from a Nigerian. He made her believe he was in love with her, married her, they had a son, got his residency papers, divorced her, and brought in his wife from Nigeria.

 “His parents and siblings were a part of the game. She would send money to them because she felt he was yet to find his feet.

They stopped taking her calls. She’s had four failed attempts at suicide. He doesn’t even ask after their son. How can you do this to a fellow human?

“You migrate illegally to another man’s land and use their daughters to get what you want, then you dump them like a piece of rag without thought of how much damage you’ve done to their Life.

“This is evil… Pure evil”

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