Van Vicker forced to sleep outside by his family after Croatia Vs France game

Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker has revealed that the Russia 2018 world cup final match between Croatia and France led to him to be kicked out by his family.

According to him, the drama began in his family when he decided to support Croatia against his wife and kids’ choice to support France. This led to a bet which saw him crash outside because he supported the losing side.

His post before the game reads:

“Goooooooooooollll!! Croatia all the way. The 3 France supporters in this picture will sleep outside in the rain tonite. #Russia2018.”

After the game was over, he shared a video showing him sleeping outside. He wrote:

”I deserve what came to me. I threatened France supporters in my house would sleep outside in the rain tonight. Well France won, guess who is sleeping outside in the hammock? I pray it doesn’t rain tonite. My son joins me soon, lol.”


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