Video: How to Cook Gbegiri Soup [Beans Soup]

Bayo Ajibola
How to Prepare Gbegiri Soup.
How to make Gbegiri Soup.Here is how to prepare Gbegiri Soup.You wonder how to cook gbegiri soup? Gbegiri soup is a Yoruba soup prepared with beans and it is also known as ‘Beans Soup’ or ‘Miyan wake’ in Hausa language. Gbegiri is a native soup of the Ogbomoso people. It is popular known to be eaten with Amala. It can also be eaten with the local eko tutu known as wrapped pap, tuwo shinkafa(mashed and twisted rice), tuwo masara(grinded and twisted maize flour), Fufu, Semovita and other swallows.
Other soup that is mixed with Gbegiri for richness and flavor is Ewedu. And, the combination is called ‘Abula’ in the Southern part of Nigeria, there’s hardly a restaurant where local foods are sold that you won’t find Gbegiri soup. 
How to Cook Gbegiri Soup

How to Cook Gbegiri Soup

Gbegiri Soup Recipe
To prepare Gbegiri soup, you need;
1. Beans – 1 or 2 cups
2. Scotch bonnet pepper(rodo)
3. Bell pepper(tatashe) – 1big size
4. Palm oil
5. Salt
6. Seasoning cube
7. Onions
8. Smoked catfish(optional)
9. Locust beans(iru)
Right here is an in depth video on how to cook Gbegiri soup. Try it out on your own and enjoy the unique taste of Gbegiri soup. Bon appetit!!!

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  • Delicious soup, I prefer it with EBA though

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