Waje: Singer Shares Touching Story As Her Daughter Emerald Turns 16

Bayo Ajibola


Music powerhouse Waje who is currently in South Africa is celebrating the day her daughter Emerald was born 16 years ago. The singer shared a long but interesting story of how her mother left her in Lagos believing her due date was April 4th but her daughter arrived earlier – March 28th.

The singer said she felt like killing someone when her labor started. Her long but interesting story below.

i had gone to the hospital earlier but the doctor said my due date was april 4th so my mum took me home and left for lagos that day. at 11pm, lying in d living room which was my only comfortable spot in the house, labour started, grandma said (don’t worry, false alarm) then it became frequent, i couldn’t scream but i felt like killing someone and my bro @officialbk6 was a great candidate for that murder but they were all trying to make me feel better. cut the long story short , labour was for 4hrs and this queen was born. my prayer is that gods grace and favour will envelope u, god will direct your path, in everything you do u shall prosper, you shall be called great amongst your peers and your well will never run dry. you are above reproach!!! no one will dare tangle with god by messing with his chosen.nothing can drive a wedge btw u and christ, as the sun rises so shall u arise and shine. you are born of god and great shall be your testimony. and to every teenager i use u as a point of contact, you all shall ve victory over death, in d day of trouble u will be delivered,he has set his love around u, he will be your refuge and his kindness shall not depart from you. the lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. welcome to a new year of greatness, excellence,gentleness, success,favour,discipline thru gods grace,nothing shall by any means hurt u. your family and friends are blessed! you will bring joy and not sorrow to those u come in contact with, you shall be the first and not the last, god will be expressed in your existence and people will testify of gods greatness in your life.im so proud of you. for every parent, may god fill our lips with thanksgiving for the joy of this gift he has given us knows no end. for those yet to become parents, may the lord prepare u for the miracle and equip u. our children! our pride! happy birthday ogochukwu emerald

Bayo Ajibola

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