Want A Baby Boy?Here Are 4 Tips To Conceiving One

Bayo Ajibola

So many people have asked this question during most of their hospital visits, some have even resorted to asking friends or families who have male children.

Well, no one is saying the tips we will be sharing is 100 percent proof it has however worked for millions around the globe. Wondering how to conceive a boy? Then this post might just be for you.

Now, while there are yet to be scientific  evidence proving that  sex positions can influence the sex of your baby, this legend has actually been around for generations. Yes it might not increase chances of having a male child, but there is absolutely no harm in trying.

The Theory

Now, there are two types of sperm, the one carrying the X chromosome and the other carrying the Y chromosome. This sperm actually determines the sex of your baby, X for a girl and Y for a boy.

Dr Shettles, author of the book ‘How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby, is of the belief that the type of sperm had some inherent differences. Via research carried out, he discovered that the boy sperm is faster, smaller and weaker than its female sibling. The female sperm on the other hand are stronger and can live longer in the human body.



According to Dr Shettles, position comes into focus when trying for a boy child. Deep penetration is highly recommended as it gives the boy sperm a head start. So to conceive a boy, make love in positions that allows deep penetration because the closer to the cervix the sperm are released the faster it finds the egg and one recommended position is the doggy style, as it allows for deep penetration. Standing up and straddling are also recommended sex positions.


Male sperm and cycle timing

You should time your ovulation if you want to conceive a boy. Having sex days before ovulation will not work should you be hoping for a boy as the sperm will die off. So you should have sex closer to your ovulation. For women who do not know when they are ovulating, there are several ovulating apps on line that can help you predict your ovulation period.


Sperm and Your partner’s underwear

It is always advisable that you have your partner be in boxer shorts as this helps the scrotum stay i the best temperature, a very warm scrotum does no good when trying to conceive as it can affect sperm production. So have your man wear boxers or better still let it hang free.

Female Orgasm

There is also the belief that female orgasm aids in conceiving a male child. Some people believe that when  a woman orgasms, an alkaline secretion is released is released into the vagina which aids the boy sperm move towards the egg faster. So, it is believed that if you want a male child, orgasm before your partner during sex. Even as its an old wife’s tale, there is absolutely no harm in enjoying sex, just ensure you explain this to your partner first.



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