My husband left but I want him back

In a few weeks I will have been married for 8 years. We’re currently not together though. We had some issues along the way and my husband left me. It was a complicated mess where we both cheated and I got pregnant with someone else. I wasn’t happy in my marriage at the time. It was a crazy time filled with trust issues, hurt, and unfaithfulness.

We both wanted to work things out but my husband asked that I give him some space and minimize my communication with him. I chose to respect that and we separated. I don’t call or text and it’s been about a year and a half since I heard from my husband. The pregnancy and delivery went well and the baby is growing and I’ve been by myself throughout.

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I know I messed up. It bothers me to this day and the regret I feel sometimes overwhelms me. Even though we were going through a rough time what with going bankrupt, losing our property, and me getting diagnosed with bipolar, I admit we could have handled it better.

Now, a lot of time has gone by and I still love my husband. Would it be wise to reach out to him? Is there any hope of us getting back together? Should I find out where he stands about this marriage even though we haven’t spoken in over a year? The religion we subscribe to doesn’t believe in divorce so that’s not really happening. I would, however, like to know where he stands in all this. The suspense is killing me! I believe I deserve a clear answer after all this time.

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