Was I in the wrong?

Bayo Ajibola

My brother and his wife are expecting. Now.. I’ve never really gotten a long with my brother because he put me and my mom through so much crap when he was younger and up until now too. When I mean crap I literally mean it. He was verbally and physically abusive, manipulative, stole from us, and when he didn’t get his way he would punch holes in the wall and damage our belongings. Growing up with him was hard specially it just being me and my single mom, my other two older sisters had moved out already. It’s taken a lot on my part to forgive him (he has never apologized) but for my own sanity I do my best to move on, specially since my family has done the same.

My brother has changed, he still has a quick temper and is easily triggered but he’s getting a bit better so I’ll give him that. He got his girl friend pregnant (now wife) when she was 16. They split up so I wasn’t really around for the first 7 years of nephews life. Last year they decided to get back together and are now expecting.

His wife doesn’t work at the moment. Now this is where the story begins… My mom was discussing with the wife’s mom things that my sister in law needs for the new baby. My mom since she is not tech savvy asks me to get the stuff, turns out they sent her links of the stuff she wanted. A crib mattress and crib bed sheet, ok cool. I open the link to the mattress and buy it with my moms card it was around $80. I click on the link tho to crib sheet set and it was $205!!! My mom is now remarried but she does not have a job at the moment, so I’m just sitting there thinking how crazy it is for them to ask for a gift so expensive when they know her situation . I call my mom and she was unaware of the price so she tells me her price range and I do my best and find a replacement with the theme she was trying to go for. Turns out this website was having amazing offers so my mom was able to get her two crib sheet sets.

Well she gets them, and she messages my mom to send her the gift receipt because it wasn’t what they wanted. That the colors will clash. That they were just gonna return them and get the money and use it for something else. My mom has done so much for them including gifting them money several times, if she wanted to give them money she would have but this was a gift for her granddaughter. My mom is also tired of sticking up for herself because they are hot heads and immediately start insulting or playing the victim.

I had enough though and I told her she was ungrateful, and that a gift was gift and a simple thank you specially during these hard times was all that should be said. She is now going on FB and posting stuff about me and making it seem like I’m the bad guy here and maybe I was a bit harsh and if I was I’m willing to apologize. She messaged me back saying how her mom bought her the crib she wanted which was also very expensive and how she also doesn’t have a job and basically calling us cheap and saying how everything is about money with us. If you read all this thank you any type of perspective will help.

Bayo Ajibola

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