Watch as Lamar Odom Opens Up About Losing His Son and Cocaine Abuse in a New Interview

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In an interview with The Players’ Tribune, Lamar Odom talks about cocaine abuse, losing his mom, and losing his infant son.

He said he was sitting right next to his mother when she passed on after a long battle with cancer. He also talked about the night he lost his six-month-old. He happened to be partying all night when the boy’s mom called him crying, saying that Jayden, their son, won’t wake up. By the time he got to the house the paramedics told him that his son was no more.

He thinks that’s when the addiction started.

He also talked about what he termed as ‘one of the darkest places he’s ever been in’. This was when his wife at the time walked in on him as he sniffed cocaine in the company of another woman in a motel room.

He details his struggle with addiction in this video.

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