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WAYS RECLAIM YOUR SEX LIFE AFTER DELIVERY. Pregnancy took its toll on you and you might have enjoyed the extra turned-on feeling during that period. Maybe you were on the other side and you just did not have the desire to have sex. The baby has come and you can’t wait to feel like a woman again and throw caution to the wind like you used to. Where to begin?


First of all, doctors advise that you stay six weeks without having sex so that your nether regions can heal after pushing out a 3-kilogram baby. It is advisable to stick to this timespan because if you start too early you can bruise yourself badly.Hold your horses lady! You probably won’t even be in the mood nor have the energy for it yet since the baby is quite the handful.

Make the first move

Once you feel like you are ready take it a step at a time. Your husband might have stopped pestering you about it by now so gather up some courage, spice up your look and seduce your husband. You can try sexy lingerie, a hot shower together or just an outright request depending on what your man likes.WAYS RECLAIM YOUR SEX LIFE AFTER DELIVERY.

It may feel odd at first since it has been a while but you will eventually get your groove back. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want and do not be afraid about reciprocating. Your man has missed it too you know so make the best of it. You will probably not need to but you can ask your man to take charge if you are still nervous.

Work around breast milk

At this point you will realize that leaking breast milk all over your man is becoming regular. It can be a bit embarrassing but you have seen worse things together so don’t look at it as some kind of failure on your part.

You can incorporate it into your routine or you can keep towels on hand to wipe it off or put over your breasts until the milk stops flowing. Make sure to talk about it so that you can find out what works best for you.

Put baby down early

This may be a tricky one but trying to put your baby to sleep early will ensure that you have some time to rest and freshen up before sex. You will also have a lot more quiet time with your man with the baby asleep.

Schedule it

It sounds very formal, doesn’t it? Scheduling sex with your husband may seem rather unromantic for the time being but you both have very busy schedules as it is. The child takes up almost all your time (no predictable breaks at night either) and your partner is probably working all day.

Setting aside a day (or days) for sex will keep you connected to each other. You need time to bond without talking about the baby for a couple of minutes. It will help you focus on each other and strengthen your bond thus increasing your love for each other.

Raising a child is a stressful affair and sex actually helps with stress-release. Making it a regular part of your timetable will drastically reduce your stress levels and actually leave you in better shape for parenting.

It is not one of those things you can ignore because you are busy with the baby. It will improve your blood flow, make you glow, leave you rested and with less stress and improve your life in general. Then there is the undisputable fact that it feels really good and reminds you that you are a woman and not a liquid dispenser.



Bayo Ajibola

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