We have been childless for seven years and my husband is against adoption.

I am having trials in my marriage. It is honestly not easy for me and my husband. This is currently our seventh year of marriage and we still do not have a child. We have tried everything possible but nothing is working. We have been to different hospitals to see different doctors and gynecologists but nothing positive happened after all these visits. My husband and I met 10 years ago and we dated for two years before settling down with each other. I lived a good life. I did not live a wayward life nor did I take pills or hens as a single lady. My husband on the other hand is a decent man. As far as I know, he is honest and upright so there is no negative history for both of us.

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It is difficult for me to cope without a child. Imagine seeing people you got married before having children and living life to the fullest while we are just here. I know my friends that I married before. Some of them were even part of my bridal train and now they are married with kids. Some already have two or more children and it is painful to see. I am not jealous of them or anything as such, I just don’t like that I am still without a child after a long time. Some of my friends have been very supportive but it still gets overwhelming with time. A number of them suggested we go for adoption. Initially, I was against it because I was still very optimistic that things would turn out well for us.

However, I have thought about it and I decided to do as they suggested. I spoke to my husband about it but he wasn’t in support of it. He said he wasn’t willing to go for an adoption, at least not yet. I tried to explain to him the benefits but he wasn’t having it. Me opting for an adoption doesn’t mean that I have given up, I am still positive that I will bear my own children however I need kids to keep my house warm and help me live a better and happier life. My husband suggested we try IVF instead. We saved up for it and tried it but it didn’t work. It failed and left me even more pathetic. I feel very sad. My house feels so empty without children and I can’t help it.

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We both work but I don’t even know what to use my money for. I spend them mostly on clothes and jewelry but none of that gives me joy. I want more. I want to live a more fulfilling life. My husband has a thriving business but he doesn’t have kids to spend on. I feel bad about it. Tests from different hospitals reveal that we are both medically okay. I don’t know what else to do. I need suggestions on how my husband and I can go through this. I am sharing this so that your readers that have had similar problems can give me suggestions on how they handled their issues. I need a solution please. It is very important to me because it is eating me up already.

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