We’re struggling. Sex once per month, at the most. Possibly less. Searching for help?

Bayo Ajibola

We’ve had a whole multitude of problems that plays a part in our Dead Bed. Usually he’s the High Libido and I’m Low Libido. I turned him down a great deal in the past and I understand that brought about problems. He would usually initiate late at night and I get out of bed very early in the morning while he can sleep in. So night time sex is generally a no for me personally.

We discussed it before and attempted to figure out different ways to make it much better. The last few months that’s changed a little. My sex drive has undoubtedly increased but to be completely truthful, I’m fed up with our sex life. That sounds horrible and I hate to confess nonetheless I am. I’m so tired of it. He’s not super well endowed thats an issue on its own but i would rather not go into that now. However its is one of the main problem i just need to be honest.

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Alos being with smaller guys doesn’t have to mean he should not put at least a litle bit of effort in. He does not understand that you can not just wanna have sex with your wife just like that. I have told him times without number that it requires more prep work like fingering and toys. He won’t allow me to do either of those for him also. He is just not interested in using toys or foreplay. So our only option is spending 10 minutes of him trying to do his thing, which will only last for 10 min max.
I tried spicing things up by sending him a sexy picture one evening. His response was “when did you take that?”

He has some pretty severe body insecurity too he doesn’t like to be nude while in front of me, making love is generally lights off beneath the covers. I explained to him previously that to totally turn me on, surprise me with something. Enter the bedroom naked, surprise me by calling me your are on your way home to make love to me. Put on something naughty, just about anything besides just walking up and firmly sticking your hands down my pants. Am I asking too much? I mean that as a real question. I don’t feel like I am but he said that’s not a reasonable expectation.

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I know that’s a dump of info but just trying to get it all out there for someone who is more neutral.

Bayo Ajibola

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