What do you do when an abuser plays victim?

I’m tired of the situation in my life and I can’t take any more. My husband is so abusive towards me but nobody believes me. What am I supposed to do for this to end? How do I hold him to account when he keeps changing the story?

He hits me so often and really hard. His words are almost always violent when he speaks to me. It’s just one fight after another and the smallest of things can set him off. It would leave me in disbelief at first and I thought it would change but nothing has changed over the years.

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The worst part is every time he beats me up, he calls his family soon after and tells them a story that ends in me being the cause of the whole fight. He says I made him hit me whether by my actions, lack of action, speech, or whatever excuse he can come up with. It’s never his fault and he tells people I’m psycho. His people usually call my family and once they discuss it among themselves, they all end up on his side and I get berated for not being a good wife or whatever. It has gotten so bad that sometimes I think maybe he is right. Maybe I am psycho.

We don’t live in our home country and he is the one working between us and he makes good money. He doesn’t want me asking him questions about anything, especially his phone and communication with other women. I really don’t know what to do. How do I convince our families to consider my side of the story as well?

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