Signs You Are Carrying Twins.What it’s like to carry twins

Bayo Ajibola
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Signs You Are Carrying Twins

Being pregnant with twins is quite a ride! It can be a little shocking to find out that you are carrying twins even if you expected it. It is perfectly normal to worry about getting through it and all the possible complications that could come with it. You need not worry though because most of those that carry twins deliver healthy babies. Serious complications are also very rare.

You need to see an obstetrician who has experience with twin pregnancies so that they can handle you appropriately. You will need your health and that of the babies closely monitored throughout. You will probably be more anxious about the whole affair but don’t get caught up in things you can’t change. Your body, for example, will change much more than with a single baby. You will add more weight and it may look unappealing to you. What you need to remember is that you need the extra to nourish and maintain the babies in the womb and the strength during delivery.

You can easily slide into a depression if you are not careful because it is not an easy walk. The thought of having to deal with two babies at a go may be overwhelming for some. A little preparation goes a long way to ease this and antenatal classes specifically for multiples could do you a lot of good.


Pregnancy symptoms remain the same obviously but they may be a little more intense than if you were carrying one child. Chances of spotting and light bleeding are higher in multiples and so are miscarriages. You may experience some bleeding but if it gets too much and comes with cramping you may want to see a doctor.

HCG will be much higher with multiples and so your nausea may be extreme. Higher progesterone levels will leave you feeling short of breath, with some indigestion and heartburn as well as constipation. Your body will of course begin feeling the strain as you go along, with back and muscle pain becoming more pronounced.

Like with any other pregnancy you should be wary of some symptoms because they could be danger signs. Listen for your babies’ movements and if it more or less than usual, call your doctor. It may seem like a small thing but always trust your gut. You would rather go and find out it was nothing serious than ignore it and have complications.

Over 50 percent of twin pregnancies end in premature birth (before 37 weeks). Pre-eclampsia is common in women carrying twins and it will be picked up in urine tests. It is a serious condition connected to high blood pressure and requires immediate medical attention.

You should call your doctor immediately if:

  • You feel some pain in your upper abdomen
  • You have a severe headache at the front and it doesn’t let down even after over-the-counter painkillers
  • You are vomiting
  • Your face, ankles and hands suddenly get swollen
  • You experience vision disturbances like blurring and flashes of light

Tests and care

Your tests, scans and hospital visits will be more than the one expecting a singleton. The doctor should however explain why they are doing what they are doing. The total number will depend on whether you have any complications, whether your babies share a placenta or not and your situation in general.

You will be subjected to regular urine and blood pressure checks to keep an eye on your blood pressure and pre-eclampsia. You might receive a glucose tolerance test if your doctor thinks you are likely to develop gestational diabetes along with all the other regular tests that pregnant women are subjected to.

Chances are you will give birth via C-section but if you want to do it vaginally, talk to your doctor well in advance.

Remember you are carrying double so you will need to take it easy. Put your feet up whenever you can, take time to rest, maintain a balanced diet, ask for help whenever you need it and do a little exercise to boost energy levels. Try having a good support system because you will need it through pregnancy and after delivery.

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