What Makes a Man Husband Material?

Many women reach a point in their relationship where they start pressuring their partner, demanding for more (when I say more, I mean marriage) without understanding whether the man is in the right state mind for the level of commitment they are pressuring them into.

There have been a lot of delusions of what makes a man suitable for marriage; delusions like, he has to be from a good family background, he has to be rich or have a high paying job. Even if he treats you like a doll and showers you with gifts and compliments.  

Well it’s good for a man or a potential husband to be rich, nice to you or have a high paying job but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are husband material, they could be nice to you but what if its short term? Or their job, what if they lose it? Does it then mean that they are no longer husband material? What they own is not necessarily a trait for a man considered to be husband material.

We have compiled a list of things to help you navigate the necessary traits of a man to be considered husband material.

  • He is mentally prepared for marriage

Readiness, the most important trait for every potential husband. If tje man isn’t ready for marriage then he is not, it is a decision you take for him. Only a man willing and ready for commitment is truly a husband material, but how do you know if he is? Its easy, you’ll see it in his behavior and how he treats you. Most importantly, he won’t avoid talks of having a long term relationship or commitment, like marriage. He would willingly invest in conversation, no matter how silly, whether about what type of home you guys would get or the names of your unborn babies.

  • He knows how to clean up after himself

One recurring trait we have seen in men throughout the years is that a lot of them are glorified babies, they can’t take care of themselves, someone constantly cleans up after them; their mom, their sister and eventually an unfortunate wife and daughter. But then think about it, a man who can’t take care of himself, do his laundry or clean his home, how exactly do you expect him to take care of you? A man who understands his independence, takes responsibility for himself and knows how to do chores is definitely husband material but if you don’t mind being a maid and a baby sitter in your married home then ignore by all means.

  • He loves you exactly as you are

We all have different personalities and different types of crazies, a man who loves and appreciates you as you are is definitely husband material. Women often meet men who claim to love them but men like that always tend to nitpick on your imperfections and constantly try to change you to suit his preference. One thing I’ve learned from experience is that you need to stay away from people like that and you definitely don’t want to spend the rest of your life with one.

  • He is intuitive to your sexual needs.

As much as you need someone you are compatible with personality-wise, you also need a partner that you are compatible with sexually. And that’s another trait for a man to be considered husband material. Women are also sexual beings and you have a right to be sexually satisfied equally. A selfish lover is a no-no, a man who knows your body well and is intuitive to your sexual needs is definitely what you should be looking out for.

You will be spending your life with this person so bear in mind that sex is also very important in every long term relationship and if you are not compatible, I’m sorry to break it to you, you won’t last! Find you a man that enjoys satisfying you as much as you love satisfying him too.

  • He is financially stable

Like I said earlier, a high paying job or riches doesn’t necessarily make a man a husband material but a financially secure man is, because you do not want to be married and you both start to struggle financially. This part is very tricky, just because he isn’t financially stable doesn’t mean you should not date him, no, dating is one thing, and marriage is another. Marriage requires a lot of preparation actually, the both of you will be coming together to live as one, there’s a lot of responsibilities involved and financial needs to be met. When it comes to dating, date who you like but when it comes to marriage until you have a long term plan that is secure for the both of you and the family you plan to make, you are both not ready for marriage and it ultimately means he is no husband material yet.

  • He is committed to you.

A man who makes an effort to be integrated into the everyday part of your life is husband material. You might be dating and you notice your boyfriend making efforts to be part of your family and friendship, well that boyfriend has gotten an upgrade, only someone who loves you and is committed to you makes an effort like that. Communication is also part of the commitment. If he includes you in his everyday life, tells you everything and listens without you forcing it, that’s husband material right there.

  • He defends and fights for you like a personal bodyguard and attorney

A man that can’t defend and protect his woman publicly is definitely no husband material. A potential husband should be able to defend his woman anytime any day. If your boyfriend sits back and watches you fight your battles on your own, well, do us a favor and let him stay a boyfriend. If you can’t rely on your man to fight for you when it’s needed then you are better off single.

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