What should a Husband do in a Sexless Marriage

Bayo Ajibola
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What should a Husband do in a Sexless Marriage. If there’s one thing that all young ladies have been taught about marriage it is that men love sex. And so it goes that for any marriage to be successful the man has to get all the sex that he needs to operate in daily life.

With such information in mind it would be very sad for a woman who does not know how much her man needs.

Why Sex is Important in a Relationship

Sex is no longer a matter of procreation it is actually one of the fundamental elements in any marriage. Sex is all about intimacy pleasure and physical expression. Sex in itself comes with many benefits that are physical, emotional, intellectual and social and therefore getting an understanding of sex could help a couple build a stronger bond.


An active sex life could result in a youthful appearance and it is also good exercise. Research shows that sex helps us to burn calories and fat and it also boosts our immunity. Sex also helps us to sleep comfortably.  It also increases the levels of  oxytocin in our brains which helps to deal with heart problems in both men and women. Sex is also a painkiller , studies show that women who suffer from migraines usually get relief after climaxing. Other notable benefits of sex for women are that they get lighter periods and very minimal cramp pains. Sex also lowers blood pressure and gives you more bladder control which is quite essential for women after childbirth. When men orgasm it is said to decrease prostate cancer while at the same time sex protects women against endometriosis.


Sex is great for emotional help and at the same time sexual satisfaction is related to our overall satisfaction with our quality of life. In this case sex raises our sense of well-being and satisfaction. When sex is great,  confidence is boosted and one feels powerful in life. Sex maintains a great level of intimacy and it helps spouses to bond and create a sense of joy and happiness. Sex brings a spark in marriage.

Why Sex is Important to Men

One might wonder why is it that men really care so much when it comes to sex.  Most of the times people are busy explaining the emotional connection between women and sex but what of the men?

  1. Sex is a sign of strength


Women need to be loved and cherished and shown other ways of affection even if it means through words as for men this is not the case for them love is shown through sex because it is a sign of strength. Men need sex and when it is missing in a relationship this is a cause for great panic to them. The man needs sex to ensure that the woman he loves is happy.  This is how they see a relationship is alive and that both of you are in it together. Have you ever wondered why when a man is questioned about his sexual performance he is finished?


  1. Sex is a way of connecting


Even after a great fight, when sex follows in the man’s mind you are getting back with him. Sex is a sign of the bond that you share with him and it is a lasting bond.  He might say nice words to you but sex is what he needs from you.


  1. His ego depends on it


A man’s ego is very fragile and is also tied to his sexual life. The more sex he has the more he feels manly.


  1. He loves winning


A man loves to know that he is doing something right that is why even during sex it is important to tell him how deeply you care for him.  You can also praise his efforts in bed. Do not fake the orgasms be honest with him.

What can a Man do in a Sexless Marriage

A married man has to deal with several pressures in life and coming home he looks forward to rest, love and sex and therefore if he does not get it from home things can become very frustrating but because he is the head of the house he has to do something about this impediment.


Get rid of the myths


A sexless marriage does not often mean that there is no sex taking place in the marriage. It could just be that the couple is not getting satisfaction from each other. Most of the times, men come to the bed with certain fantasies in mind. These are fantasies that can never be achieved by the wife. It is therefore important to get rid of such thoughts and embrace your wife as she is. Let her be comfortable when she is with you and loves her as she is. Before you know it you will be getting what you need.


Talk about it


Set the right mood and talk to your wife about your bedroom affairs. Appreciate her and tell her that you would desire to go on another level. Speak your mind, tell her what you love. You can even share your fantasies and see what the two of you can work out.


Add some play


When was the last time you flirted with your wife? Have you ever made calls while she was at work and told her how much you miss her? Be spontaneous and tell her to wear something naughty. Go home early and put rose petals on the floor leading her to the bedroom. Do some role play if you can.



As a man you need to get to the bottom of issues. Divorce is not an option. Even the bible says that each person should satisfy their spouse. The bible also says enjoy life with the wife of your youth and let her breasts satisfy you. The thing is how will she know that she is satisfying you if you do not take the lead for her to follow?

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