What should I do, my Ex is Blackmailing me!

This is a story about Yemi and the dilemma she’s facing in her relationship at the moment. Yemi is a 29-year-old woman, she works in a bank and she’s also dating one of her coworkers.

She had met him while she was doing her IT in that same bank during her school days 4 years ago but they did not start dating till 2 years after that. He had even helped her secure her job at the bank too.

Their relationship was pretty serious because they recently just moved in together, but the interesting thing is that nobody at the office knew about their relationship because their branch manager was strictly against office romance. He believed it takes attention away from the work and the couples never last. (Hmmm)

After their move in, Yemi discovered that everything her boyfriend did annoyed her; the sound of him chewing, scratching, coughing, even drinking water, she felt as though she was running mad in her home and relationship. He would rather hang out with his friends than stay at home with her. Even when he was home, he’d be at his study desk working on his side projects. Coincidentally this started occurring when she got in contact with her ex, whom she had broken up with for cheating on her multiple times.

Her Ex-boyfriend, let’s call him Mr. Ex, was her ideal type; tall, handsome, chiseled body, attractive eyes, and a beautiful singing voice. He was a pretty dreamy guy and everyone wanted him while they were in school but luckily, he chose her. When she found out, even though they were dating that he had been sleeping with other girls, she felt betrayed and heartbroken and she broke it off with him but she never really got over him.

This was around the time she began her IT and met her current boyfriend who helped her get over her obsession with her ex but now Mr. Ex is back in her dms, stirring up long-suppressed feelings and even sending her songs that he wrote about her. (Yikes!)

As all confused women do, she started talking to Mr. Ex about her boyfriend and how everything he does annoys her. Mr. Ex, ever the gentleman held her hand and lightly swept the hair off her face each time as he told her it was all happening because she sees her boyfriend all the time, both outside and in her personal space.

Soon they started hanging out together secretly, he was everything she thought that she would want in a man, compared to her slob of a boyfriend that hardly ever mentioned any future plans with her – until two months later when they eventually had sex. And that was when Yemi realized something – her “feelings” for Mr. Ex vanished into thin air as she found herself instead, craving her boyfriend even more than before. Immediately she broke it off with him and rekindled the romance in her current relationship.

You think that was the end? Nope. Mr. Ex had gotten a piece of that booty pie and he wasn’t about to let it go. He’d call her every other hour, follow her secretly whenever she was out – jogging, shopping, dates – he was there. He’d even follow the boyfriend around, just to know what he was up to, going as far as visiting the bank under the pretext of opening an account just so he could take a closer look at the guy that Yemi chose over him. (Wow, insane much?)

Eventually, Yemi could take no more – who calls someone else’s babe at 1am in the morning? She had had enough, so one morning she calls him to give him a piece of her mind. They’d had their fun but it wasn’t meant to be, he needed to leave her alone. But Mr. Ex would not take no for an answer – couldn’t she see that no other woman intrigued him as she does? Doesn’t she realize she had more fun with him than with her boyfriend who takes her for granted and doesn’t respect her personal space?

“I don’t care about that.” Yemi said, “Leave us alone.”

Mr. Ex paused, thinking before asking her if they could at least be friends. Yemi, ever the idiot, said yes. What was the harm as long as he kept to his boundaries right?

Everything in Yemi’s life was finally back to normal… but it didn’t last long,

A few weeks later, Yemi got a hint from her friends that her boyfriend was planning to propose to her on her surprise birthday party that he was planning for her – and she got a little scared. Marriage? She wasn’t sure she was ready for that just yet. Yemi needed someone to talk to and who better at hand than Mr. Ex?

Mr. Ex told her to just break up with the guy, why get married when she wasn’t ready right? Well maybe he was right, she wasn’t ready, but she didn’t want to break up either. And that was where things began to go downhill. Mr. Ex threatened that if she didn’t break up with her boyfriend, he would leak their relationship to their boss and even reveal the texts and nudes she had sent to him during their little “affair” to her boyfriend.

Yemi was terrified, how could he try to ruin her like this?

Will she be able to spend the rest of her life this way? If he reveals their affair, not only would she lose her job, she would lose her boyfriend too. Sure, her relationship wasn’t perfect, and maybe all those bad things she was noticing were things they could have worked on, but was it worth the risk of destruction before they could really take off?

There’s so much going on in her mind and that’s why she’s seeking help if you were in Yemi’s shoes and your birthday is two weeks from now, what will you do?

Confess everything to your boyfriend and hope that you can both work through the aftermath or call your ex’s bluff and find some dirt on him instead? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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