What to do When Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Have Sex with You

Sex with a partner is extremely important, as it creates intimacy and trust. One of the most uncomfortable situations that can arise is not knowing what to do when your partner does not want to have sex with you. Perhaps you could feel frustration, sadness, or another negative feeling. A lot of things go through your mind and you may begin to ask yourself a lot of questions. The feeling of not being enough may begin to envelope you. Do not worry. In this article we will show you how you can act in this situation.

What to do when your partner does not want to have sex with you

The first thing to do is to identify the cause of sexual “rejection”, as it can be due to multiple factors, including: Stress, problems the couple didn’t overcome, diseases or even monotony in the sexual act can cause loss of interest in sex. 

Therefore, if you want to save your relationship, you must fill yourself with positive energy and immediately attack the possible causes of the problem. If you want to do it, you should start fostering communication with your partner, so that he is the one who tells you what the real cause is.

When talking to him, you should open up about what is happening so that he will be confident enough to easily identify the cause and let you know. Once you know where the situation is coming from, you need to determine if they can fix it on their own, how you can help or if they need to seek professional help.

What are the possible solutions?

After openly discussing what may be the possible causes why your partner does not want to have sex with you, then it is necessary to find a solution that can remedy or, at least, minimize the problem: The following may be very helpful. 

1. If it is due to illness, medication, or a physical or metabolic problem, they should seek medical help, in order to get advice and start treatment as soon as possible.

2. If the cause is stress, fatigue or personal problems, try to make your partner feel comfortable when he gets home. Let him rest and enjoy his free time. Relaxed time will get you back on track. Try to give him enough food and space if he requires them. 

3. If the cause is due to fears caused by previous experiences, communication and trust are very essential. You must create trust during the sexual act, so that your partner frees himself from all fears and can even awaken repressed fantasies that may exist within him.

4. If the cause is monotony, then forget your routine and just dedicate yourself to enjoying sex. This is the right time to fulfill any fantasy you may have. They can also attend sex education and therapy workshops to broaden their horizons. Another helpful thing to do is to check online. There are many helpful materials or resources that will help him get better. 

Do not allow sex become routine. Make each day new and different for your partner, but always maintain the same respect and affection for her. You must conquer it every day, so you will be able to keep the flame alive for a long time.

Listen to your partner and keep your mind open to try new positions or methods in the sexual area. Knowing and making your fantasies come true will ensure that your sexual desire remains active.

It is always good to create pleasant environments that encourage intimacy and have an erotic gesture or caress that helps stimulate the moment. Run away from criticism and enjoy the moment.  It will help your love life improve to a great extent. 

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