Sex while pregnant. Maybe you are already pregnant or you are planning to be pregnant soon and you are worried about the implications it will have on your sex life. In some ways, having sex while pregnant is a wild card. To some it can be liberating and exciting because you don’t have to worry about birth control and because of those interesting changes your body is going through; while for some others its likely the last thing on their minds as they are still busy battling morning sickness or those other annoying physical discomforts that come early in the pregnancy. 

Now the question is, is it safe to even have sex while pregnant?

Sex while pregnant.

The answer is, yes! Although this only applies to those that are having a normal pregnancy that’s free from complications.

The interesting thing is, you can even have sex right up until the moment your water breaks. Before you freak out, you should know that your uterus and a layer of muscle are there to protect your baby plus your baby is also surrounded by a cushion of amniotic fluid. And lastly, your cervix has a mucus plug which prevents infections from reaching your baby.

But then, if you aren’t in a monogamous relationship, you should still protect yourself and your baby from STIs by using condoms.

No matter what stage of pregnancy you are – whether about to be or already pregnant – here’s what you need to know about staying safe and having sex while pregnant.


If you want to ensure that you have comfortable sex while pregnant, you might want to try lubrication. This is because the changes in your hormones during pregnancy may either make it easier or harder for you to be naturally lubricated.

To avoid experiencing vaginal discomfort, use as much lube as you can. There are lots of different types that you can buy online or in pharmacies near you. Just make sure to use the water-based types and avoid the types with fragrances as they can cause irritations.


With this sex position, you will lie down on your side while your partner penetrates you from the back. Doing this takes the pressure off your growing stomach and lets you have additional support.

In addition, the penetration you’ll experience with this position is shallower and will feel more comfortable for you.

Try as much as possible to lie down on your left side instead of your right because doing so will increase the volume of blood and nutrients that flow through the placenta to the baby.


If you aren’t really feeling the side by side position, this is something you can try. What you need to do is to have your partner lie down facing upward and you get on top of him. This way you can control the depth of the penetration as well as the speed. This way you can control what is most comfortable for you without losing out on the pleasure.


This is a twist on the normal side by side sex position but in this case, you will have a pillow placed under your stomach. Have your partner be on all fours while he enters you from behind. With one or two pillows under your growing stomach, you’ll have the additional support you desire.


Alternatively, you might the type that isn’t a big fan of sex. What you can do is to use a vibrator with your partner for that unique intimacy.

Always make sure to clean the vibrators after each use so you don’t put yourself at risk of infection and make sure to ask your doctor first if it’s safe for you to use one if you currently have a high-risk pregnancy.

Stop using them if you experience cramps, discomfort or pain or if you have a low lying placenta and you certainly shouldn’t use them after your water breaks.


While it’s all well to have sex while you are pregnant, there are other things you should be aware of. Fluctuations in your hormones, fatigue, and self-consciousness over your weight gain can completely halt your sex drive so make sure you always get lots of rest before having sex.

Increase in breast size is normal during pregnancy but this also means they might become sore and tender so you may need to encourage your spouse to find other ways to fondle you by exploring other parts of your body. In fact, with all those breast changes, it’s best to avoid stimulating your nipples directly.

The amount of blood flowing to your pelvic area will increase while you are pregnant which results in heightened sensations down there and your genitals become swollen. As a woman, this can be super uncomfortable but its perfectly normal if you experience it.


If for some reason you are unable to have sex, you’re experiencing pain during sex or you are horny but aren’t enjoying the penetration, there are others ways of being pleasured while you are pregnant.

You can try mutual masturbation, body massage, kissing, lots of cuddling or a special date night too.

Make sure you always communicate what you are feeling to your partner because its okay and perfectly normal if you aren’t in the mood for sex.

If you are having trouble expressing what you need to feel supported, something like, “My back really hurts, and I’m not feeling very sexy tonight. Can I give you a body massage instead? Let me make you feel special tonight.”

When you openly communicate these feelings, it allows you to defuse any tension, find ways to be intimate and enjoy each other regardless of if you are having sex or not.

I’m sure your partner would understand.

If you want to have sex while pregnant, now you know what to do – so don’t toss sex out of the window. And if you aren’t, well, that’s okay too.


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