What Your First Trimester Will Look Like

Bayo Ajibola

What Your First Trimester Will Look Like

First Trimester.You just found out you are pregnant and boy are you excited (or terrified)! Both of these reactions are quite normal and consider yourself lucky if you only have one of them. You don’t look pregnant at all right now but you can definitely feel that there is something going on.

There will be some changes even as early as this since your body is preparing to house a little creature for the next nine months or so. Pregnancy hormones have started effecting breast changes, slight abdominal pain, fatigue, bloating, heartburn, flatulence and constipation among others. Nobody said it is going to be all fun and games you know! Focus on the real reason it is all happening though (you are making a baby!) and it will be a little easier. These are all temporary so just go with the flow.

What happens inside

Your baby starts out as a fertilized cell (known as a zygote) and grows into an embryo which implants itself onto your uterine walls. These first three months see the baby grow into a peach-sized bundle with limbs, hair follicles, nail beds, muscles, vocal chords, white blood cells and it starts to move at around week eight.

You might be scheduled for routine ultrasounds at this point. This is to check on the baby’s progress and to check for any abnormalities. A series of blood tests will also feature. Doctors will check for Down syndrome, congenital heart defects, your rhesus factor and blood type. This helps them get a good idea of what kind of patient you are. Your first appointment will therefore take a little longer so as to get a proper history.

Common symptoms

Morning sickness rears its ugly head at around week five and don’t let that name fool you. It can come in the afternoon and evening too! Your boobs look unlike what you are used to at week six. They are a little angrier and definitely bigger! Expect mood swings in week seven and you may be amazed by your ability to feel happy then sad then angry then happy in a span of less than 10 minutes! Between week eight and 12 you will notice that your mouth tastes a little metallic (ask your partner to kiss you and confirm!), headaches will be frequent and that food you have always hated makes a comeback to your list of favorites or that which you like just doesn’t taste right anymore.

Some women pee a lot, others have some cramping or spotting and yet others feel like the world is ending. It is never the same experience for every woman even though whatever is happening in the background may be the same. Take your time and get to understand what is happening in your own body. Work with it to make it less stressful as you wait for these symptoms to pass. They are not permanent and it seems to get better as the pregnancy progresses. Okay, they may not really get better (although some like morning sickness may disappear) but you will learn to handle them properly thus making it more bearable for you.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that should be savored at the very least. Do not be afraid to ask questions or relay your fears to your ob-gyn whether it is your first or twenty fifth visit. You have the right to know what is going on so ask all you want until you get satisfied with the answers. You should also not assume away any kind of pain or discomfort. Talk to your doctor as soon as possible if it doesn’t feel right.

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