When God takes away a Relationship

Bayo Ajibola
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When God takes away a Relationship. It is not easy to hear someone say that it is over. There’s a lot of pain and heartbreak. A breakup is one of the most difficult things that a human being has to endure. It is difficult because it is something that affects the past ,  the present and the future. It also requires you to start all over again yet you feel alone, confused and full of doubt.


Even though breakups can be painful and hard, they should not lead you to a point of devastation and desperation. After the pain is gone there is always a silver lining for greater potential. A door is opened for growth.


You could be struggling with the pain of an ended relationship and at this point you could be asking yourself lots of questions. This was something good and it made you happy so why did it have to end? You prayed about it and you believe that God answered your prayers and if He is a good God, why did He let this happen?


God did it

A firm believer knows that everything under the sun happens for a reason not by chance, coincidence or circumstance. As much as you may be having many questions in your mind the answer could be staring you right in the face but it is painful and hard for you to accept especially if you took matters into your own hands. It is therefore important for you to know the signs that God was involved.


  1. The two of you drifted apart


People can drift apart for many reasons.  It could be because of a career or one of you is getting closer to God. Small things start bothering you.  What was not an issue is now very significant. You start noticing the red flags waving in your head. The result of drifting apart is you start spending less time together, communication goes down between the two of you, laughter becomes a thing of the past and even when the two of you are together, you are distant.


  1. There is damage


Initially the feeling’s blinded you but now you can see that damage is being done. There could be damage to your mental health, your finances or even your relationship with God. You could be praying for God to take away the storm and yet you had fallen in love with it.


  1. You got your answer


Most of the times before people commit in a serious relationship they pray to God for a sign that the person they are with is the one meant for them. You could have been praying for a spouse but the problem is that you could be in a relationship with someone who God has not ordained as your spouse. When you pray to God you need to be ready for his answer because it is his will and not your will.


  1. Discontentment


Every relationship has its ups and downs so do not think that just because you have some problems that it is time for you to walk out the door. But at times when there are constant issues then it could be that God is constantly telling you that this relationship is a waste of time. If you’re sensing discontentment then pay attention because God could just be waiting for you to realise that your time is up.

God has a Plan

if you are a committed christian who desires the will of God in every aspect of their life then you should know that you did not waste your time in the relationship that God ended. He says in his word that He has plans for you, plans for your good and not for evil. God can actually use your experience to mould you spiritually because the purpose is to instill more strength, wisdom, boldness and understanding.


Do note that God is still in control.  It might feel as if you wasted your time with the wrong person but do believe that God is working in the background. So the question that you could be asking is what was the purpose? When a relationship ends people usually go for a rebound but for a christian God is your rebound guy.  You should therefore call upon Him to reveal the purpose. Apart from molding you spiritually another reason could be that God wants you to define your expectations when it comes to relationships because if you are able to figure out what did not work in the past then you will know what to do in the future.

Do not hang on

God takes away people from your life for a reason and because of that you should not hang on to them.


God is a God of truth and He is also a God of love. God can do anything because of love.  He even gave His only begotten son to die for us and if He gave us Christ what is it that He can deny us? Nothing. God gives us a free will to do as we wish but just as the bible says that food is good not every food is beneficial and therefore just because you are in a relationship not every relationship is beneficial. The bible also says that God will not give us more than we can bear and He takes away a relationship for your own good and He knows you are able to bear this.


Do not hang on to the past. You have a hope and a future. Behold all things are new don’t you perceive it? What is ahead of you is greater than what was in your past. This is the time for you to trace back your steps and find out where your ironhead fell. Strengthen your relationship with God, love yourself more, find out who you are and trust in God’s plan for your life. It isn’t easy but it is worth it. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


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