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BEST TIME TO GET PREGNANT. Getting babies is just one of those things that you would prefer happened on your set schedule but then again Mother Nature has her way of doing things. She is just focused and sticks to her timetable. The whole timetable thing can actually work in your favor.

The fact that your body works around a set schedule faithfully every month will give you a better chance at ‘studying’ how it works. This in turn helps you track your cycle and assists in planning when to try for a baby.BEST TIME TO GET PREGNANT.

The best time to try conceiving is when you are about to ovulate. 2 or 3 days before you ovulate is best so that there is sperm waiting to fertilize the egg as soon as it is released.

Sperm lives for up to 7 days so they will still be healthy and viable even after the 2 days but the same cannot be said for the egg. The egg only lives for between 12 and 24 hours so having sex after ovulation may reduce the chances of conceiving (seeing as there is no specific sign that warns you of ovulation immediately it begins).

How to know when you are ovulating           

There are some signals that your body will send when you begin ovulating. Looking out for these will give you a much higher chance at conceiving.

  •          When ovulation begins the hormone progesterone is released and takes center stage. Progesterone raises your body temperature. Checking your basal body temperature over some time will let you know when you are ovulating.
  •          After your period there is hardly any vaginal mucus being produced. A short while into the cycle and some thick cloudy mucus begins to appear. When ovulation begins the mucus turns clear and runny and resembles raw egg white. It facilitates the smooth passage of sperm into the cervix for fertilization.
  •          Are there times you feel more sexy and attractive during the month? That is another sign of ovulation right there!

Apart from the physical signs of ovulation you can chart your cycle so that you have ‘cold hard proof’ about when what happens. The first day of your period should be counted as day 1 of your cycle.

Mark it down on a calendar and continue until the next time your period comes. You will get to know the length of your cycle and thus know exactly when ovulation comes for you. You can use this information to time your ‘sexcapades’ with your partner.

Bayo Ajibola

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