Why does my wife behaves different whenever her people comes round?

Bayo Ajibola

We have been married for a long time now and are blessed with wonderful and brilliant children.

I love my wife a lot and i believe she loves me too however i have noticed a pattern of behaviour in my wife. if we are by our self as a family she behaves well and good everybody is happy, but the moment we have a guest or visitor, usually my friends or a member of her family my wife start behaving funny.

Everything she does from that point are to undermine me in any shape or form. She talk and relate with me in a disrespectful manner or plainly be rude to me in a funny way.

The moment the visitor leave, and we are back together again alone as a family, i will be calm trying to process what just happened, thinking to myself why does she do this all of the time.

In my moment of quietness, she will try and engage me to talk , like : asking me some questions that i know she has answers to. This to me is like someone obviously aware that they have wrong you and trying to make up. Its annoying and patronising at the same time. Because it happen all of the time.

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I know how to handle myself. I can call her out and confront her but i choose not to do so because i dont want to embarrass my wife. I can equally behave same way when people are around, but i choose not to do so,that will be childish.

However, i cant promise myself i will behave nice next time this happen hence why i want to put a stop to it before things go very messy.

My question is: why does she do this all of the time? What is she trying to achieve? Is it a woman thing? Is it just me or who can relate with this? I need your advice please.

Bayo Ajibola

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