Why I called off my engagement, one week to wedding – Lady narrates

A lady has taken to her social media to explain how she allegedly called off her wedding, following an impromptu visit to her fiance’s house.

She wrote;

 “My fiance and I started our relationship two years ago and for him to successfully keep me in the dark about who he truly was baffles me.

Apart from the fake things he told me about himself, I couldn’t beat my chest to say I know him very well. All I knew was that I was in love with him.

About six months ago, he proposed to me and I accepted. We met our parents and began the wedding preparation.

He told me that he was an exporter and the nature of his business made him travel a lot.

During our courtship, I visited his apartment once a week but never slept over, even though he wanted me to and gave me the keys to the apartment.

Our wedding invites were out and many of our relatives, friends and colleagues were given the invitation.

Some of the days I visited my fiance at home, I met some of his friends. I wasn’t comfortable with them being around him because of their suspicious looks.

I told my fiance about it but he simply assured me that they were nice people and I believed him.

Our wedding day was fast approaching and I became very busy ensuring all that were needed were in place.

Due to my busy schedule, I had less time visiting my fiance. He was understanding and always drop by to check up on me.

Barely a week to our wedding day, my fiance informed me that he was going on a short business trip and would return in two days time.

I wasn’t comfortable with his decision to travel during that period but after much deliberation, I reluctantly agreed.

It was during his absence that the tailor we gave his wedding suit to make a minor adjustment called me. He told me that he has been unable to get through to my fiance to come pick up the suit.

I told the tailor not to worry and that I’ll stop by at his shop to pick it up on my way from the beauty salon that afternoon.

I collected the suit as planned and took it to my place. My fiance and I agreed not to see until our wedding day to make it a beautiful moment, but I was already missing him badly. So, I used the suit as an excuse to visit him.

I knew he wasn’t going to be around until late evening, so I decided to surprise him when he returns and find me waiting for him. I told myself that I was going to sleep over at his place for the very first time in 2 years.

I got to his apartment at about 4:45pm, I opened the door with the spare key and let myself inside.

The sitting room and entire bedroom was in a mess. So, I decided to clean up the place after preparing his favourite meal.

After cleaning the sitting room, I went straight to his bedroom to clean it and while tucking in the bed sheet, one of my earrings fell off to the side of the bed.

I tried to reach it but couldn’t, so I decided to completely pull the bed frame along with the mattress aside to enable me easily pick up my ear ring.

As I pulled it, I caught sight of scaring items that left me in a combination of shock and fear.

I saw an open black clay pot with fetish items in it, female pants and gun bullets.

I quickly picked up my ear ring, pushed the bed frame back to its position and dashed out of the apartment, leaving the cleaning uncompleted.

I was shaking in fear on my way back home. I couldn’t tell anyone about what I saw.

What kind of business was he into? What was he doing with those terrible things under his bed? Was he a ritualist or a robber?

All these questions kept popping out in my mind and I couldn’t find satisfying answers for them.

Out of fear, I couldn’t confront Alfonso about it when he returned.

It took me a last minute courage (a day before our wedding) to announce that I was calling off the wedding.

Our parents were shocked, so also were our invitees. I opened up to my parents who promised to be discreet about it. They told my fiance’s parents that it was due to a situation beyond control.

He tried contacting me several times on the sudden change but I couldn’t open up to him.

I had to change my mobile number and went to live with my aunt in Abuja.

Right now, I feel bad for not telling him the reason for calling off our wedding.

Should I tell him? For how long will I stay away because I’m afraid of what he might do if he finds out that I saw those fetish items?”

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