Why Menstruation Could Occur During Pregnancy

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Why Menstruation Could Occur During Pregnancy

Menstruation Could Occur During Pregnancy. Menstruation is a normal occurrence for every woman of childbearing age. It sort of signifies the onset of womanhood. Since menstruation occurs as a result of the shedding of the uterine lining when there was no egg fertilized it should ideally not occur during pregnancy.

There are times however that you can actually have your period during pregnancy. Most of the time it reduces as time goes by and eventually disappears but for others it may go on for the whole length of the pregnancy until a few weeks to delivery.

While this is uncommon it does not always signify a problem. In the early stages of pregnancy it could be breakthrough bleeding. This is where menstruation hormones break through pregnancy hormones and cause menstruation. This kind normally fades out.

Implantation is another probable cause. As the egg implants it could cause a little bleeding. If IVF or a similar fertilitytreatment was used a little bleeding is also to be expected during the first trimester.

There could be a growth in the cervix, known as a cervical polyp. It is harmless but the hormones in your body may trigger it to bleed. It could also be a sign of deeper or more serious problems in your body. It could be an indication of some kind of cancer, probably cervical cancer. One of the signs of cervical cancer is bleeding.

What does it mean for you and the baby?                        

This will depend on the cause of the bleeding. A serious cause will have to be dealt with and eliminated if possible. The doctor will have to perform several tests and give you a physical exam so as to try and determine the cause.

The doctor will then be able to advise you accordingly. Take your doctor’s advice seriously because it is bound to make a difference.

A few helpful tips

Sometimes the bleeding occurs in women who work a lot during their pregnancy. Taking a little time to rest may help with this. It may be difficult to slot in but it is important at this stage.

Since you are losing blood constantly you may want to take in more iron to counter that. Try liver, turkey, beef, lamb, kidney beans, spinach, lentils, egg yolks and dried fruit like raisins. Add foods packed with vitamin C to this diet and your body will better absorb the iron.

Keep in close contact with your doctor at all times so that they can monitor you and note any changes.

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