My wife is playing hard to get

My wife and I have been married for close to two years now and we started out on a very high note. We were fun and our friends would say we were a model couple. Even people in church would make such comments and it honestly felt good. Things aren’t so good right now and I’m wondering how to fix it so we can enjoy our marriage again.

Our sex life has- been a little off lately and it’s really affecting me. My wife doesn’t make any sexual advances towards me and barely shows any affection. I’ve been doing all the initiation lately whether simply caressing, any romantic occurrences, and even lovemaking. I’ve tried to politely bring it to her attention during pillow talk and I sometimes got angry about it and showed her as much but it made no difference.

Hard to get

There’s a time I tried to kiss her but found food particles on her lips. When I pointed this out to her she later refused to kiss me for several days saying I’ll tell her she has dirty lips. I told her I only brought it up so that we can both enjoy the experience. Right now she plays hard to get when I make advances toward her and I have to put my foot down for us to have sex.

According to her, her playing hard to get should be expected but I feel like she’s taking it too far. I can’t always have to work for sex every time in marriage. It’s a turnoff for me when it happens too often. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and it’s really affecting me. I’ve tried to ask her whether something is off with her sex drive but she says she’s okay. Her actions and reactions tell a different story though.

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I’m worried about our marriage. I’ve thought about stepping out to get sexual satisfaction elsewhere but I’m born-again. I’m really struggling with this thought. How do I save my young marriage? I’m open to all advice.

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