My wife is married to the church

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There’s something in my marriage I find very odd and I’d like to hear other people’s opinions on it. I am a married man and my wife and I have four kids together. We both run independent businesses and so everyone has an income of their own.

Sometime last year my wife started going to church more often than usual. She goes to church literally every single day of the week. The only time she doesn’t go to church is when she’s doing some household and grocery shopping or maybe going to the salon to do her hair. Otherwise, she’s always in church. She leaves before 7 am and comes back late. There’s a curfew because of the pandemic where we live and so she now comes back just in time to beat the curfew. Before curfew was instituted she would come back much later. She has even spent some nights away from home and she’d left home saying she was going to church and would be back.

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I’ve tried to sit her down and make my grievances known. We agreed that she’ll only go twice a week. Sunday is definitely among those and she can pick any other day of the week. It only lasted a few days. She went back to going every day as though the conversation we had didn’t mean anything.

She’s never home and by the time she gets home she’s always really tired. The longest we get to see her is a few minutes because she just goes straight to bed. I feel like this church is bad news. What church makes a woman neglect her duties as a wife and mother? Is this right? How do I put an end to this?

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