Will Smith’s ex and current wife talk about their initial reaction (video)

Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith in the first episode of her new show known as the Red Table Talk brought her husband’s former wife Sheree Zampino as a guest.

During the show, both women talked about their initial relationship, which was strained.

Introducing the show, Jada said: ” My entry into motherhood was co-parenting with Will’s ex-wife Sheree. This is the first time we’re sitting down to talk about our journey.”

Recalling a face-off that happened between them in the past, Sheree told Jada: “I come back and I happen to say, quote, ‘ bitch, you’re living in the house I picked out. And you said, it’s my house now.’ “

Both women laughed hard at this memory.

Will Smith

Will Smith introduced the show as he shared the preview on Instagram. His reaction to it shows how cordial his relationship with his ex-wife and mother of his first son is.

Watch the video below:

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