Woman to end marriage over husband’s refusal to stop siblings from bringing female friends to the house

An abroad based woman I set to call off her wedding over her husband’s refusal to stop his siblings from bringing female friends to the house.

She said:

“I got married last year traditionally and court wedding was done too, I left Nigeria after 2weeks . My husband stays in Abuja with his siblings (3boys and a girl) I have no issues with them staying with him considering the fact i don’t stay in Nigeria. So the issue we are having now is this he moved to a new apartment with his siblings ( all graduates o) so we had an agreement that his siblings will not invite any female friends to the house but for the past 4 months more than 6 girls has visited the house whenever I ask him he will say oh I told him not to but he refused ( my husband is actually the first son) so I’m kind of confused why he will tell his younger brother not to bring a girl home and he will disrespect him and he won’t do anything. Last Sunday his sister invited 3 of her girlfriends to our home I saw the video she …,”

Full narration below:

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