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Women who fear childbirth labour for longer.

By the time you are reading this you will probably already have heard hundreds of myths with regard to pregnancy and giving birth. Some will be outrageous like taking a shower on the day you deliver will make your contractions really bad.

Fear increasing the length of your labor is unfortunately not one of those myths. A study has been done among a number ofwomen and they found out that those that have an extreme fear of labor take an hour and a half more in labor than normal.

Those that have a little fear of labor take around 47 minutes longer. This was after the figures were adjusted after taking into consideration factors like previous births, an epidural or induced labor which can affect the length of labor.

The reasons?

Fear increases the presence of a stress hormone known as catecholamine. These hormones weaken your contractions and so pushing becomes a difficult task. Even with that discovery women scared of labor have still been able to have vaginal births.

Sometimes when one is afraid of labor communication with the doctor is not straightforward so it is easier to delay labor than having to express your fears to the doctor. Talking to the doctor may help allay your fears and therefore relax you before labor.

When fear takes over you may just have an assisted birth using an epidural, a cesarean section or instruments like forceps but it doesn’t always have to happen.Talking about it with your doctor to ease your nervousness will help if you are certain that you would like a vaginal delivery.

What can cause the fear?

It is very easy and normal to be afraid if it is your first time to have a baby. The same applies to those who had a bad experience with a previous delivery.  Young mothers may be worried that the task ahead is too big for them.  A history of psychological issues and lack of moral support can easily put fear in someone’s mind.

All those women who have given birth can testify that delivery is a different dimension altogether. Something happens when you choose to focus on the breathing techniques and pushing.

Your subconscious goes into autopilot and you find yourself not looking at the process like a burden but as a great responsibility and courage steps in to seal the deal. Don’t opt for a C-section just yet because there is great strength in you.

You should go for counseling to help you deal with your fears and avoid unnecessary procedures during delivery.

Bayo Ajibola

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