“I won my husband’s heart with a simple kiss” — Actress Joy Awade

Actress, Joy Awade has suspended acting for a while because she’s expecting her second child.

The actress who is Married to comedian/OAP, Friday Awade known as Last Prophet, has learnt the hard way what it takes to stay married to a celebrity.

In this interview with Star Tracker she talks about her marraige and how she won her husband’s heart.

Asked how she met her husband, she said:

I met my husband years ago in the University of Calabar. He used to be a show organizer and I would go to him to talk about my interest in what he was doing. We became friends after that and now we are married. But his interest in me back then started with a surprise kiss I gave him. A friend had dared me that I could not kiss him in public and I hate being dared. So, when I saw him I just planted a kiss on his lips to keep my word. He was very surprised. But it was from that moment he decided to go after me. And now we are married.



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