Working Mothers Should Stop Feeling Guilty

Bayo Ajibola

Tips for Working Moms:Most women love their jobs but they cannot help but feel guilty for choosing to be working mothers. When at work, you will feel guilty for spending so much time away from your children and while at home, you will worry about everything that you need to do at work. As a mother, you will place a lot of pressure on yourself to achieve perfection both at work and at home. Nevertheless, no one is perfect and here are several tips that will keep you sane when guilt starts taking over.

Set realistic expectations

If your anticipations are too high, you will surely fall short every time. As a working mother, it is physically impossible to witness every minute of your child’s day. It is okay to be sad about missing out on the special moments.

While you might enjoy watching your child finish their first lap in swimming or score goals for their soccer team, you should understand that they do not need you cheering them on all the time or welcoming them home with fresh snacks to make them feel loved.

Keep in mind the reasons why you chose to be a working mom

Write down the reasons why you decided to work. It could be because you need to pay bills or because you are following a career path that you are passionate about. Some mothers do not necessarily have to work to put food on the table but working makes them feel well-rounded and well-connected to the outside world. A little adult contact once in a while will not hurt. Mothers feel the pressure to make the reason they work be for their children, but in reality, isn’t doing something for yourself a good thing as well?

Stop judging

If you judge other mothers for their decisions, you only create jealousy, and we all know that jealousy is infectious. The stay-at-home mothers who look at you judgingly as you leave parent teacher meetings early may have to go back to work after their husbands lose their jobs.

What you should keep in mind is that the choices you make about work may seem permanent presently, but the truth is that you do not know what will happen in the future. Currently, this dynamic suits your family but that may not always be the case. Check in frequently to ensure that your job fits your family’s needs.

Be present when you’re home

Parenting experts recommend two rules for getting quality time with your children as a working mother. First, after you get home from work, switch your phone off for an hour or two. You might need to let your boss know that you will be offline but ensure that you do it.

Second, take pictures of your good mother moments. Time and again, we go without recognizing our hard work. Small escapades at the ice cream shop, at the zoo or at the movies need to be in your memory archives. This way, when you feel the guilt taking over, you can look back on such moments and realize that you are not a bad mother.


Bayo Ajibola

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