Wow! Newborn baby miraculously survives after being dumped in a bush for 2 days

A newborn baby boy miraculously survived after he was dumped in a bush located at lower Albersville, Port Shepstone in South Africa for 2 days.

It is believed that the child was abandoned by his mother. According to South Africa Metro, the new baby survived the bitter cold and hunger by some stroke of luck until he was found by an officer.

The baby was discovered after a resident of Albersville called security company – Lazer 911 – last night, saying they had been hearing a faint cry coming from a dense bush behind their home since Sunday night. They initially thought it was a cat, but with time it was clear it was the cry of a baby.

The newborn was completely naked and still had his umbilical cord attached when he was found. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

Kerwin Dickens of Lazer 911 says he heard the cries as soon as he arrived at the client’s home.

“I searched the property and then I heard the noise of the baby crying again. I managed to find where the baby was. The baby was lying facedown, naked in a bush. We quickly rushed him to hospital,” Dickens said.

Shock as newborn baby miraculously survives after being dumped in a bush for 2 days

The baby boy – who weighs 3,6kgs – is in a stable condition in hospital and is said to be healthy.

A case of concealment of birth is being investigated by Port Shepstone SAPS

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