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Your Baby and the Pacifier

Babies with pacifiers actually look really cute. They also lookcalm and settled and it would seem like the perfect addition to your shopping list. Most parents start out with the decision that the dummy will never set foot in their household until one fateful day.

The baby is crying uncontrollably and you have no idea why. Instead of fighting this craziness for another two hours you decide enough is enough and a pacifier finds its way into your house. For you it is basically a way to shut the baby up when you are not really up to extreme rocking.

With time however it becomes different things to the baby. It comforts them when they are all riled up and gearing to go. It soothes them when their emotions are going haywire. By now you realize that this is the definition of the perfect best friend; never judging just listening and helping you through your crazy moments.

When the baby is bored the pacifier can be a source of amusement. The baby can use it as the proper distraction to while the hours away as you get your chores done. It is very beneficial to the parents it might as well be an on-off switch for a crying baby.

Using a pacifier for too long may have side effects on the baby. Some may be physical while others with speech but none is more serious than the other because they affect the baby’s growth milestones.

May interfere with growth of teeth

The pacifier is usually used from the very beginning before there are any signs of growing teeth. As the teeth prepare to grow the binky continues to maintain its position in the baby’s mouth, pushing the teeth in a different direction that was not originally intended. The first teeth may come out misaligned which will interfere with the next set of teeth.

Hampered speech

A child with a binky in the mouth will be less likely to talk since removing it from the mouth all the time just to say one word is a little inconveniencing. Interactions with other kids and adults will probably be with pointing fingers and small grunting sounds to say what they want. At that rate, your baby will take longer than normal to speak even if there is nothing physically wrong with him.

Bring on a lisp

A pacifier interferes with the position of the tongue which my lead to a lisp as the child tries to speak. A lisp can sometimes be very troublesome since most people are bound to notice it and maybe even make fun of it.


All sorts of bacteria live in your baby’s mouth and if a pacifier is not cleaned properly those bacteria could cause something else in your baby’s system. You should keep it clean and sterilized at all times to avoid such but the baby may just use it to draw a pattern on the table.

What to do

Dummies can be avoided with a little more patience. The crying is normal in the first few months and you will either get used to it or it will reduce, whichever comes first. Hang in there and stay strong.

If you absolutely can’t avoid it then make sure you keep it clean at all times. Don’t let your baby take it to bed and start thinking of weaning them off it early enough. The longer a baby uses a pacifier the more they get attached to it and the harder it will be to get them to stop, although some children may just outgrow it and lose interest.


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