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Your important pregnancy to-do list third trimester 2

You have gone through the biggest part of the pregnancy (even though you are now at your biggest physically) and it dawns on you that this is actually going to happen. You are really going to have a baby! Honestly, this happens. You can’t really explain or understand why it hits you hard since you kind of knew it already but well, don’t panic. It’ll sink in.

The third trimester is the point where you are no longer creating a proper environment in your body for the baby. It is now about preparing for the arrival of the baby. There is actually a lot to be done before the baby comes; ironically this is when you will probably be constantly tired and sleepy. Plan your priorities and get the following done soonest possible.

Choose a hospital

You can’t just show up at a hospital in labor without knowing what is on offer. You should do a tour of the available options so that you know what they charge and what it is you will be paying for.

Shop for baby

Start buying baby clothes in different sizes and other baby items. Once the baby comes it will be a little difficult to get out (but you can also get these as gifts!)

Pack your bag

Too early you say? Labor begins unexpectedly so pack a few things that you may need while in hospital. Baby clothes, diapers, your clothes, toothpaste and toothbrush, some tea bags maybe and some low shoes are a good start. This way you can easily just ask someone to pick the bag and avoid surprises like your partner bringing baby socks that don’t match.

Stock your freezer

Buy food while you still have the energy. The craziness of the first few weeks will leave you with little energy and time to go shopping.

Enlist all the help you can get-very crucial

At this point you are already tired so ask for a hand whenever you need it. Let family and friends know in advance that you would like their help with the baby when it is time. They know you’ll need the help so it’s just a matter of courtesy.

Take a birthing class

This will help you understand labor, how to know when it’s happening and how to handle yourself when it comes. It’s not as straightforward as you saw in the movies!

Learn what breastfeeding entails

Google, ask an older lady or a pediatrician how it’s done because it is very painful if done in the wrong way.

As you continue with all these remember to put in some extra hours of sleep and actual rest. When that baby comes you will need to be well-rested because the real job will have begun. Good luck!

Bayo Ajibola

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